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Home to incredible wildlife

The rich tapestry of different habitats at Wheatfen provide a home for some truly incredible wildlife species including the iconic yellow swallowtail butterfly, elusive Norfolk Hawker dragonfly, unmistakable cuckoo, and more.

Delve in to learn more about our resident species or find out about recent sightings from our warden.

A special place rich in history

Once home to the esteemed naturalist Ted Ellis, Wheatfen is an important reserve that is likely the best-studied area of fenland in the entire world. Ted and his helpers’ careful management of the land, and the meticulous work of generations after them, has ensured that Wheatfen is equally as special today as it was over 70 years ago.

Take a step back in time and learn more about the reserve or find out about the Ted Ellis Trust’s role in managing it today.

Latest news and sightings

The most recent news articles and wildlife sightings from Wheatfen Nature Reserve.

volunteers rodger goodrick

In recognition of Wheatfen’s volunteers

The big, green reciprocating mower had been cleaned, greased and oiled. I had lovingly polished it until it shone in the sunlight... Teamwork makes the…
eurasian otter
Recent Sightings

The elusive Wheatfen otters

“Give it a sniff,” they said. “What will it smell like?” I asked in reply, wrinkling my nose at the thought of it... I suspiciously eyed…
Recent Sightings

The early signs of spring at Wheatfen

The short, dark days of January have finally been left behind as we march into the month of hope – February. That hope is for…