Education in the great outdoors

The tranquil landscapes and unique wildlife of Wheatfen are amazing natural resources that have educated and inspired wonder in visitors to the reserve for decades.

From Ted Ellis himself exploring and recording the reserve in its early days, to school groups who visit for a dose of outdoor learning, the winding pathways and swaying reeds of Wheatfen are a truly magical place to be. We encourage groups of all shapes and sizes, whether they’re school children, rambler groups or students undertaking research projects, to discover this wonderful example of a wetland landscape.

Outdoor learning

Leaving the classroom and immersing students in the great outdoors is a brilliant way to inspire them with a lifelong interest in animals, plants, trees and the natural landscape.

Visiting natural environments such as Wheatfen for as little as a few hours a week can give pupils a sense of freedom, improve their mental and physical well-being, improve their engagement and teach them about a whole host of areas on the curriculum including science, maths, geography and history. Teachers have also expressed that outdoor learning and leaving the school environment improves their job satisfaction and can reignite their enjoyment of teaching.

forest school education

Wheatfen Forest School

Working in partnership with the Trust is Wheatfen Forest School, an independent Community Interest Company (CIC) who provide nature-based educational activities for children, young people and families in Norwich and South Norfolk. Whatever your age or interests, Wheatfen Forest School offer a magical setting to learn and have everyday adventures in the beautiful surroundings of this special wetland reserve.

The Forest School was set up in 2015 by Rose Hoare, granddaughter of Ted and Phyllis Ellis, continuing their legacy of inspiring wonder in the natural world and helping to spark the next generation of conservationists to look after this precious and amazing landscape.